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UK Invests: a first-of-its-kind initiative to enhance student wellness

This morning, we are announcing a first-of-its-kind initiative — a program that will help our students develop a deeper understanding of the value of investing in themselves, in part, fueled by investments we make in them.

Weekly update: New vaccines, new opportunity to protect our community

Amendments to the emergency use authorizations of the COVID-19 booster vaccines have prompted us to adjust our vaccine offerings as we continue to put the health and safety of our campus community first.

Weekly update: Lessons as we begin a new academic year

I had the privilege Friday night of welcoming the largest first-year class in our history. It was wonderful to see so many new faces, excited about the possibilities of a new year and all this special place has to offer.

Weekly Update

Taking care of our people is a pillar in our strategic plan, and it applies to our state as well as our campus. Part of our efforts include pay raises nine of the last 10 years for faculty and staff, four increases in starting wages since 2015 and a continued expansion of benefits while keeping low out-of-pocket costs.

Weekly update: We are Kentucky

When you work or study here day in and day out, it might be easy to forget just how tied we are to this state. But our presence is in every corner and crevice of the Commonwealth. Our fortunes and our futures are bound together.

Welcoming our students; remembering our responsibilities

In a few weeks, we will welcome a record first-year class of more than 6,000 students. Nothing is more central to our state’s progress than educating a skilled and diverse workforce and citizenry.

Supporting Eastern Kentucky

In the last two days, we have witnessed one of the most devastating flooding events in our state’s history.

Work Life Workgroup Update

A Work Location Workgroup was charged with researching, exploring ideas, and providing recommendations on how work location can support our institutional mission and efforts to advance the state. A steering committee was established to lead this initiative, and three workstreams were formed with broad campus representation, ensuring all voices are heard.

Mask Optional

Effective immediately, masks will be optional on our campus as will the use of plexiglass. This move does not apply to UK HealthCare facilities.

Weekly Update: Commencement and COVID-19 Safety Reminders

Today and tomorrow, our community will gather to celebrate the class of 2022. The UK Commencement Ceremonies are a testament to the compassion and commitment I see every day across our campus. These celebrations reflect our most profound promise: to prepare the next generation of scholars, workers, thinkers and builders.