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Positioning UK to meet future health care demands

Dr. Newman will serve as EVPHA until the end of this calendar year and then transition to this new role. I will announce plans for acting leadership in UK HealthCare in the coming days and will follow up soon with how we will proceed in searching for the next EVPHA. 

Update on racist incident

We have pledged to keep you informed regarding our response to the racist assault captured on video last Sunday on our campus. I want to emphasize that this behavior was disgusting and devastating to our community. We stand by our students who were targeted by this unacceptable hostility and violence.

Our responsibility to stand up

While we cannot simply move on from — and we must never deny — what happened or the hate that finds its way into our world and on our campus, we must find a way to move forward. We must find a way for everyone in our community to sit at humanity’s table equally and with respect for one another. That is our responsibility as Kentucky’s university. 

Condemning violence; supporting our community

Early this morning, an incident involving violence against our students, racial slurs and offensive language occurred in one of our residence halls. One of the victims was a student employee who was working an overnight shift at the front desk.

Our freedom and our responsibility

Universities like ours are incubators of ideas and dialogue, places that create space for all identities and all perspectives.

A tragic loss for our community

I have the incredibly sad responsibility to inform you of the loss of one of our students over the weekend.

Sticking to it

This past week, as we celebrated 107 years of UK Homecoming, many of us participated in time-honored traditions alongside friends, loved ones and fellow members of the UK family.

Taking Care of Our People

Midterms are quickly approaching, and with so many activities consuming our time, it can be easy to forget to pause and reflect on who we are at the University of Kentucky. 

Supporting our community

Members of our UK family and their loved ones are once again confronting what for so many of us is unimaginable — this time, a hurricane pummeling homes and communities throughout the South.

Putting students first; growing to meet Kentucky’s needs

I am so pleased with the details of an exciting preliminary enrollment report that we provided to our Board of Trustees on Friday. It depicts with clarity and purpose, with commitment and a sense of progress, how we are growing to meet the needs of our state and its future.