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Caring for Kentucky’s future

Campus Community,   We have reached the halfway point of this fall semester, and I am proud of all we have done for our community and our Commonwealth. Of course, you are the ones who make our progress possible. Thank you. Thank you for researching and addressing Kentucky’s complex challenges, for protecting our children and their future, for providing accessible educational opportunities to promote student well-being. Thank you for caring.

Be kind, support each other

Campus Community,   Be bold. Be informed. Be healthy. Be mindful. This week, as my last piece of advice, I reinforce what I hope we all already do. Be kind. Never walk alone. You are going to be challenged by failures, hurts and disappointments. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and take risks, to struggle and fail. And lean into your community. We are here for you.

Take a break, be mindful

Campus Community, It sometimes feels like the middle of a semester sneaks up on us. So, as we prepare for midterms and all that accompanies this halfway mark, I hope you consider this advice. Be mindful.

Monitoring federal funding negotiations and impact on university

Campus Community,     The University of Kentucky is closely monitoring negotiations in Congress regarding funding for the federal government and a potential government shutdown. The government’s authority to spend money expires at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30. If funding legislation for the new fiscal year is not passed by then, the federal government will shut down.   

Listen to your body, be healthy

Campus Community,   As we continue to settle into the academic year, I encourage you to prioritize taking care of yourself.   Be healthy.   Listen to your body. Pay attention when you don’t feel well or when something doesn’t seem right — when in doubt, check it out. We have an outstanding, world-class health care system that is here to take care of you.  

Be informed, open your mind

Campus Community, In my message last week, I shared with you the first suggestion I gave to the class of 2027. I asked you to connect, take action and commit to your passions. I asked you to be bold. This week, my challenge to you is simple. Be informed.

September 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting

Something more … for our students, for Kentucky “I want something more.” That was Ashton Martin’s sentiment this summer as he stood on the terrace of an 18th-century Neoclassical complex dedicated to arts and education in the heart of London. Overlooking the River Thames, and some 4,000 miles from his home in Breckenridge County, Kentucky, Ashton remarked that “since I’m first generation, I wasn’t really pushed to go to college.” “But I want something more.”

Connect, act and commit to your passions

Campus Community,    Last month, I had the opportunity to share advice with some new students. I gave them five suggestions to consider as they start their journey, and I’d like to share them with all members of the Wildcat Family over the next few weeks. Be bold. 

The importance of finding, building community

Campus Community,  

Sharing the Stories, Promise of the University of Kentucky

Campus Community,   At UK, there is evidence that we are on a trajectory of ascent to advance Kentucky. We do this with an uncommon commitment to the common good of our state.