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Proposed Revisions to our GRs and ARs

Dear Faculty, I apologize for writing to you late on a Friday. But we’ve been working intently this week to finalize proposed revisions to our most important rules and regulations that we will take to the Board of Trustees next week. I wanted you to have the latest revisions as soon as they were available. As I’ve talked with many of you over the last two months, I’ve been asked more than once why there seems to be such urgency in considering changes to our governance structure and many of our Governing Regulations.

The Power of Generosity

There are many things we make possible that are due, in large part, to the generosity of those who support this remarkable community. From scholarships that offer yearly support or allow for exploration, to buildings and facilities that inspire ingenuity — we are made stronger by those who believe in us. 

Updated Principles, Next Steps

Student email: Dear Students, I’ve met this week with student leaders to discuss potential changes to the University’s rules and regulations.  This process will lead to a larger voice for students in guiding decisions about the life of our community. Based on the feedback I’ve received, I’m proposing revisions to the principles for change that I distributed to you last week.

Proposed Compensation Plan

None of the progress we make in advancing Kentucky is possible without our people. You take care of our state. We are working to take care of each other. 

Feedback reminder and legislative update

I hope you will take time early this week to provide feedback on ideas to strengthen shared governance at our university as part of our efforts to accelerate our progress in advancing Kentucky.

Honoring Sarah Bennett Holmes' legacy

Sarah Bennett Holmes was, by any definition, consequential. Today, we are continually reminded of her legacy — we see it in buildings and hallowed halls, awards and certificates. But it's the women of today who are the greatest stewards of all Sarah Bennett Holmes championed. 

Our Next Steps

President Capilouto sent messages to students, staff and faculty regarding proposed recommendations to the Governing Regulations revisions.  Students   Dear Students, Over the last few months, I’ve been discussing with our Board of Trustees and our campus community how our University can do even more to serve Kentucky.

Our Continued Partnership

I engaged yesterday with members of our community who participated in the monthly University Senate meeting. With this dialogue, I’ve now met hundreds of people across the expanse of our campus, in groups large and small, to talk about our institution’s future.

Legislative Update

I am writing to provide you with an update on the state legislative session underway in Frankfort, as several issues important to UK are moving quickly.

Opportunities for More Engagement and Feedback

This week, I will continue to engage with members of our community in conversations about how we strengthen shared governance to accelerate our efforts in advancing Kentucky. I’ve learned much from, and been inspired by, engaging with nearly 250 faculty, staff and students over the last several days. Our people are devoted to our campus and our mission.