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Campus Community,

Together, we have accomplished so much over the last decade — record numbers of students enrolled, new milestones in graduation and retention rates and a continued expansion of our health care, research and service missions. 

We are doing more for our state than ever before. But our work is not done. Our Board of Trustees has asked us to examine thoughtfully how we can find ways to do and be more for the state.

One of those areas is our governance structure and the regulations that guide so much of our work. Our rules aren’t clear — they impede more than they empower. The lines of authority and responsibility don’t position us to be responsive.

Students and staff don’t see themselves represented, or their voices heard, in our current governance structure. They want both the rules and the structure to better reflect the vital roles they play in the life of our community. That is why their elected representatives — among students and staff — have strongly endorsed this process through official resolutions.

Many faculty, too, have told me that decisions about curriculum and other policy matters can be better made at the college and unit levels. In the colleges, faculty are subject matter experts who understand these issues better than anyone. We must trust them to make these important decisions.

The revisions to our Governing Regulations, which were endorsed by our Board recently in a 19-1 vote, articulate overarching principles to guide collective efforts. Together, the revised Governing Regulations create a foundation for the continued work ahead, to review and revise the daily management rules — our Administrative Regulations — that operationalize our principles. 

I know that some among our faculty are concerned about these revisions. I understand the concerns and respect those who have voiced them. 

Moving forward, my hope is that we will come together. We don’t have to all agree about the changes, but I hope we all agree that we must continue to move forward as a community.

That is the expectation of our Board, which has directed this effort to accelerate our progress in advancing Kentucky. That is my commitment to you and our community, which is tasked to do so much for so many across our state. 

And believe me, that is what I intend to do.

Eli Capilouto