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Working in a campus-wide initiative through the institution’s shared governance structure, the university will assess, evaluate and revise the institution’s general education curriculum – the UK Core – with a focus on ensuring students are provided with the skills to succeed in a fast-changing and sophisticated workplace that will require technical competency but also the capacity to engage in critical thinking and constructive dialogue as our graduates must lead companies and communities in the process of forging solutions rather than divisions. 

Work Group Members

  1. Robert DiPaola (Office of the Provost) co-facilitator
  2. DeShana Collett (University Senate) co-facilitator
  3. George Wright (President’s Cabinet)
  4. Ana Franco-Watkins (College of Arts and Sciences)
  5. Jennifer Greer (Office of the Provost)
  6. Lizzy Hornung (Student Body President, Student Government Association Representative)
  7. Jason Marcus (Student Body Vice President, Student Government Association Representative)
  8. Ashley York (College of Public Health, Student Government Association Representative)
  9. Keiko Tanaka (Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, University Senate Representative)
  10. Olivia Davis (Gatton College of Business and Economics, University Senate Representative)
  11. Molly Blasing (College of Arts and Sciences, University Senate Representative)
  12. Amanda Biddle (Integrative Medicine and Health, UK HealthCare, Staff Senate Representative)
  13. Mike Shanks (Associate Registrar, Staff Senate Representative)
  14. Aaron Vaught (Associate Director of Student Services, College of Design, Staff Senate Representative)
  15. Recorder: Dani Jaffe (PR and Strategic Communications)
Work group 2 timeline
65+ Vested parties interviewed

We have engaged a wide breadth of vested parties in order to collect additional viewpoints, uncover additional resources and foster inclusivity.

30+ Data sources gathered and analyzed

Including historical data and reports, student enrollment data and survey responses.