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Campus Community,

We have pledged to keep you informed regarding our response to the racist assault captured on video last Sunday on our campus. I want to emphasize that this behavior was disgusting and devastating to our community. We stand by our students who were targeted by this unacceptable hostility and violence.

I write to provide an update on the incident:

  • Ms. Rosing is no longer a student at the University of Kentucky.
  • Within hours of learning about this incident, we suspended her on an interim basis – a move that banned her from campus during our investigation.
  • I have also determined that she will not be eligible to re-enroll as a student.
  • She is permanently banned from the campus.
  • Although she is no longer a student, we must continue our investigations. That includes our cooperation with an investigation into criminal charges filed; our Code of Student Conduct disciplinary proceedings and racial harassment misconduct being reviewed by our Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity.
  • Further charges could be forthcoming based on these investigations.

As a community working wholeheartedly to prevent racist violence, we also must be committed to holding people accountable for their actions. The processes we have in place are essential.

I will be sharing more information about the next steps we are taking soon. Thank you for being a community that cares.

Eli Capilouto