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Campus Community,

This week, I will be talking with — and listening to — hundreds of students and staff, faculty and deans as we think about an important question — how do we all share in the future progress of this community?
Our Board of Trustees recently directed me and our community to recommend changes to our Governing Regulations with the goal of creating more clarity, rather than confusion, around the rules that help guide our work. 

We need more voices — not fewer — being heard as we determine the steps necessary to make progress in advancing this state. And we need to streamline the processes and procedures we have so that rules meant to help don’t hinder creativity and innovation.
It’s an important dialogue. And by the end of this week, I will have had the honor of directly engaging with hundreds of committed people across campus. We have established a website that describes our imperative to accelerate our progress. There’s also a feedback form where you can offer your thoughts on our path forward.
By the end of the month, I will put forward recommendations for changes, based on your feedback, that our Board will consider at its next meeting. Please take this opportunity to think about and offer your perspective on the direction of our campus as we prepare to accelerate our progress in meeting our mission to advance Kentucky.

And as many of you prepare for Spring Break next week, I hope you will find time for reflection so that you can feel rejuvenated as we finish the semester.

Spring often represents a time of remarkable transformation and rejuvenation. It signifies a period of renewal, both in nature and in our personal and academic journeys. 

We witness the vibrant changes in the environment, the anticipation of graduation for our students and the excitement of welcoming new members to our university family.

This season also marks a time of reflection for varied faith traditions and celebrations. 

Ramadan and Easter, Passover, Holi and Vaisakhi, among many others, will overlap in the coming weeks, providing an opportunity for many in our community to reflect on enduring values and obligations.

As we navigate this period, I encourage each of you to familiarize yourselves with the accommodations we provide for religious observances on campus. Our commitment to inclusivity and respect for diverse beliefs is paramount, and we strive to ensure that everyone can fully participate in their faith practices while engaging in their academic pursuits.


Whether you find solace in observing a particular religious holiday or seek meaning and purpose through alternative avenues of spirituality, we honor and respect your journey.

One of my favorite aspects of this community is that we are individuals with varied and different identities — from the beliefs and perspectives we hold dear — to gender and orientation, race and geography. 

Thank you for being part of our extraordinary community. 

Find your purpose.

Honor your past.   

Inspire others. 

Eli Capilouto