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Campus Community,

It sometimes feels like the middle of a semester sneaks up on us. So, as we prepare for midterms and all that accompanies this halfway mark, I hope you consider this advice.

Be mindful.

Pause to rest your soul. Start by taking 10 minutes out of your day to pause and meditate. Then extend it to 20 minutes. Research shows that 20 minutes of meditation a day can lead to measurable changes in the brain. We become more focused, creative and productive — and, of course, less anxious. UK Human Resources and the Office for Student Success have resources to help you be more mindful.

Take a break from your devices. Spend uninterrupted and distraction-free time with your friends and loved ones, fully disconnect as you wind down for bed, log off social media for a few days or turn off your notifications. Your well-being is more important than what’s on the screen.

I hope you take a moment this week to prioritize your mindfulness journey.

Find your space.

Take a pause.

Ask for help.


Eli Capilouto