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Campus Community,

This morning, at approximately 9:15 a.m., the university issued a UK Alert in response to a National Weather Service warning regarding potential tornadoes in the area.

The alert, in accordance with university protocols, instructed community members to immediately seek shelter. The institution issued an all-clear shortly after the National Weather Service did so and in alignment with weather warnings being issued by Fayette County.

University officials met this morning right after the all-clear was issued to continue to monitor weather conditions and discuss next steps. 

Right now, the weather forecast calls for thunderstorms and dropping temperatures. We will continue normal operations for the day but will monitor the weather and will not hesitate to change plans, if conditions warrant doing so.

Today’s warning should be a timely reminder for all of us – myself included – that safety and weather alerts must be taken seriously. Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our community requires all of us to follow procedures and protocols and take responsible steps and precautions when alerts are issued.

The information below details the standard protocols we follow during threatening weather and other crises. You also can find this guidance from UK Police’s Crisis Management and Preparedness Division at Please review these directions.

Thank you for all you do to ensure your health and safety and that of everyone in our community.

Eli Capilouto



Emergency Preparedness and Response Information:

Emergency Action

In any emergency, you are responsible for your safety. Think now about what you will do so you can take swift, decisive action when the time comes. The following information is intended to guide you in likely emergencies but cannot take all possibilities into account. If an emergency occurs during class, your instructor will provide further direction based on university and department emergency plans.

Storm Sheltering/Sheltering in Place

During a severe storm, protect yourself from lightning and flying debris. Move to an interior room or hallway on the building's lowest level. Avoid outside doors and windows. Recommended shelter locations are marked on the emergency floor plans posted throughout the building. If a hazardous chemical release occurs outside the building, follow these same procedures. Shut all exterior doors and windows. Isolate yourself from outside air.

To Report an Emergency or Suspicious Activity

Call the University of Kentucky Police Department at 859-257-8573 or #UKPD from any mobile phone. If the line is unavailable or you are calling from another university location, dial 911.


We will always evacuate for a fire alarm or when university officials order us to do so. Gather your personal belongings quickly and move to the nearest exit. Evacuation routes are marked on the emergency floor plans posted throughout the building. If a hazardous chemical release occurs inside the building, follow these same procedures.

Active Shooter/Violence

In an active shooter situation or other attack, run – get away from the attacker. If you can't run, hide – barricade yourself in a safe place. If neither of these is possible, fight – do whatever you need to do to stop the attacker.

UK Alert

The university provides emergency notifications through UK Alert, which broadcasts to email, text message, building alarm systems and outdoor sirens. If you receive a UK Alert message during class, notify your instructor and classmates immediately. For more information about UK Alert, see