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Campus Community,

This week, I will continue to engage with members of our community in conversations about how we strengthen shared governance to accelerate our efforts in advancing Kentucky.

I’ve learned much from, and been inspired by, engaging with nearly 250 faculty, staff and students over the last several days. Our people are devoted to our campus and our mission.

Even if we haven’t talked directly over the last few days, I want to hear your perspective on these issues. Such feedback will inform the recommendations we will put forward to the campus by the end of the month. All thoughts will be reviewed before taking any recommendations to the campus for feedback and to members of the Board of Trustees for consideration at their next meeting.

I hope you will consider offering your perspective. We are at an important and pivotal juncture in the life of our university. We are doing more than ever before in our history to educate and graduate, heal and discover, support and serve. And this progress would not have been possible without your contributions.

But now we must find ways to do and be more for our Commonwealth. That is the focus of Project Accelerate — how we thoughtfully move more quickly in aligning our institution with the needs and priorities of Kentucky.

I have been inspired by what I have heard from you. I look forward to what we will do together to advance our state.

Eli Capilouto