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Campus Community, 


Last month, I had the opportunity to share advice with some new students. I gave them five suggestions to consider as they start their journey, and I’d like to share them with all members of the Wildcat Family over the next few weeks.

Be bold. 

Connect, don’t divide. Be the person to initiate a conversation with someone new. Start by asking about their story, listen well and ask follow-up questions. You will discover what connects you. But you may also hear something with which you disagree. It can be easy to choose to shut it down. Instead, take the opportunity to expand your world view through good, respectful conversation.

Take action. Trust your capabilities enough to step up and do the right thing. You are at this university for a reason — to educate, to discover, to heal. Use the tools you've worked hard to master to make a difference — you might save a life along the way.

Commit to your passions. Have the courage to question your path. Then lean into what drives you, what inspires you and what you hope to make possible. Your impact extends beyond our campus; turn your passions into power. 

Here are a few examples of how members of our community are fulfilling our promise to advance Kentucky.

Explore the world.

Save a life.

Discover solutions.

Thank you for the essential role you play in this endeavor. 

Thank you for being bold. 

Eli Capilouto