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Students are at the center of everything we do at the University of Kentucky. 

We are a students-first university for all students – undergraduate, graduate and professional. We are maintaining our commitment to affordability and access, and offer a differentiated learning experience with a diversity of academic programs centered on a contiguous campus. And, we are investing in modern technology to enhance learning and tell us more about how and where our students are succeeding and falling short.

Our goal is simple. We want every student who enrolls at the University of Kentucky to earn a degree. And we have an abundance of resources for students to achieve that goal. 

Office for Student Success

The Office for Student Success is a unit specifically dedicated to ensuring students at the University of Kentucky are thriving. 

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Career Center

The Stuckert Career Center provides students with resources to prepare them for entering the workforce and having a successful career.  

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86.4% Retention Rate

As of Fall 2020, preliminary retention figures — the percentage of students who return for their second year — is at 86.4%, nearly 1.5 percentage points higher than last academic year and about 5 percentage points higher than in just Fall 2016.

UK Football Players Pursuing Master's Degrees in Business

Luke Fortner, Will Levis, Matt Ruffolo and Quintin Wilson are doubling down on the football field and in the classroom as they pursue master’s degrees in the Gatton College of Business and Economics. Wilson, Fortner (center) and Ruffolo (kicker) are part of the One Year MBA program, while Levis (quarterback) is working toward a Master's of Science in Finance (MSF).

“I think the most rewarding part is probably going to be at the end of this when you get to tack on the three letters at the end of your name on the resume,” Ruffolo added. “Obviously, it’s a lot of work, but football doesn’t last forever. I think school is really important. Getting this graduate degree is going to help us when we don’t have football anymore.”’